Welcome to TEO!

Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/nUpYeRfu8V

TEO is another private server of the original mmo, "Endless Online." We have all the original maps + our own added towns, training areas, etc! We have player commands, such as: 

#bag - While wearing a backpack, you type this command and your personal locker will open!
#warp - Use this command to warp to different areas of TEO!
#listwarps - Use this command to see all available player warps!
#dress (item name) - Use this command to dress in an armor/hat/shield/wep that you OWN!
#hide - Use this command to hide anything you're wearing!
#show - Use this command to show whatever you hid again!
#ily - Use this command to warp you to your partner!

TEO also has Player Achievements, Daily DG event, Buff spells/heals, AOE weps, 2x-3.5x EXP weekends, pets + more!

PLEASE keep note of your account information. If your password is lost, the most I can do for you is tell you your account name. I CANNOT see the password you've created. DO NOT use the same account information you use for other servers and ESPECIALLY clone